Angry Grandpa – Plastic Wrap Wake Up

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I tape plastic wrap to Grandpa’s door and cover it in fake blood made from corn syrup and food coloring. The only thing left to do, is wake him up.


Tanya Jalal says:

” You dirty bastard”! lol

Tanya Jalal says:

“ You dirty bastard”! L

4lifeundertakerfan says:

1:44 gets me every time. lmfao

matthew chastun says:

this was on my birthday

Lewis Tate says:

wht the fuckish

rileychev says:

no i did to. he needs to wash them.

xNocency says:


dunimoles says:

‘What da fuck!?’ hahahaha

sam hale says:

am i the only guy who noticed when the kid took the wrapper of his foot, hit foot was completely black ?

amgfj11 says:

That was funny

That Guy Ed says:

Check out my channel, ,you might like it.or maybe you’ll love it LOL

headup1995 says:

judging by the way his ass hole kid treats him i would say probably not

LilMissMeganMakeup says:


Brendan Ramos says:

Is he still alive?

terawi97 says:

i wonder how he still didnt get a heart attack

Yao Demoman says:

Not a kid, I’m sure it’s something like a hippo.

Jason Gines says:

He is violent

Tanner Allen says:

so mean tohim

wildwood290 says:

argggggggggggg, I want a candy apple!

william hurst says:

Flabby Arms :L

HolyLion94 says:


RealGoldenSeals says:

hardest i ve evear lafed at utube

Fuzzy Downuts says:

Pop belly

Karlz Vega says:

I’m gonna grab your God damn apples!

NoLimitations956 says:

Has to be a set up act

TeoJacoby says:

I’m sure he got a kid in his belly…!


@4:15 “I’m A God Damned Candy Apple, Take Me To The FUCKING Fair!”

MaxCovington543 says:

1:44 “WAT DA FUCK!!” XD

Justin Hill says:

NEH LOL that was FUCKING FUNNY 3:48-3:50

UStreamRS says:

You can’t help but feel a little bit bad for him.

mrplow79 says:

AGP always goes full retard i his vids

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