GAY SENIORS: No no Partner

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09/18/08: Many lesbian and gay seniors say they are isolated and discriminated against. NEWSWEEK’s Jennifer Molina and Jessica Bennett report.


OutMaturity says:

I recently relaunched my website and having posted this before, I thought I would share again! Informative and enlightening work!



sooowatsup100 says:

lol . . . hilarious

Clem Burke says:


sooowatsup100 says:

shut up whore

Clem Burke says:

Yep, you are a gay troll, trust me, I have done the same thing ;{)

sooowatsup100 says:

not really . . . as long as they’re coservative / christian

Clem Burke says:

So you do not think straight old people are disgusting ?

sooowatsup100 says:

my god . . . these goddamn homosexauls are disgusting.

BigBirdy100 says:

What a wolf in sheep’s clothing you are to your brother. Hope he stays clear of your fake love. You have a lot of growing to do. 

nocount1 says:

This society does not value or respect older people, whether they are straight or gay. And god help any senior who doesn’t have money.

darlinkula1 says:

Straight senior citizens have the same problems that LGBT seniors have. Society discriminates against both so old age really does level the playing. To the filthy homophobes who commented below, I want you to know that gay soldiers are now allowed in the U.S. military and YOUR TAXES ARE PAYING THE SALARIES OF THESE GAY SOLDIERS and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Now get on your knees and suck on my gay rights!

Tatsuyoujo says:

Things need to get better for our seniors.

Tatsuyoujo says:

@GayLifeSuckz You don’t know anything about gay people.

David Hartsough says:



Clem Burke says:

Nice try but I am a female and straight. and love my gay brother. and you are still an ass hole.

bills910 says:

I bet your the expert on them, are’nt you.

Clem Burke says:

You are an ass hole.

bills910 says:

I guess you should of choosen your disgusting lifestyle. OOOPPPSS!

TheTelesha says:

thats sad.being discriminated by the discriminated.hopefully this video will help.i love senior citizens!they have a certain energy that humbles me.i cant say i can relate to being gay.. or a senior but i hope to one day live to be a senior and my heart goes out to you.i feel all people especially seniors,deserve a certain attention and respect.I just hope things work out for you. =)

phantomsuccour says:

wow, I didn’t know this. 🙁 I’m going to tell other gays I know about this and we must make sure that lgbt seniors are not left alone!!!

cavejourney says:

Thank you for that comment – I really relate to it.

DCFunBud says:


Gavin487aw says:


OMG 😀 LMFAOthis made my fucking month.

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